The Robinson V-8 Seabee Aircraft

The Robinson V-8 Seabee is a remarkable amphibious aircraft that seamlessly combines the versatility of land and water operations with the robust power of a V-8 engine. Originally designed as a civilian utility aircraft, the Seabee has become a favorite among aviation enthusiasts and practical users alike, thanks to its unique design and capabilities.

Design and Features

Robinson V-8 Seabee Aircraft is a high-wing monoplane with a pusher propeller configuration mounted at the rear of the fuselage. This design enhances visibility from the cockpit and gives the aircraft a distinctive aerodynamic profile. Its boat-shaped fuselage highlights its amphibious nature, enabling it to take off and land on both water and land surfaces with ease. This feature makes the Seabee an ideal choice for pilots needing access to remote locations such as lakes, rivers, or rugged airstrips.

A standout feature of the Seabee is its spacious cabin, which comfortably accommodates up to four passengers, including the pilot. Large windows provide panoramic views and a sense of openness, enhancing the flying experience. The rear cargo area is accessible from both inside the cabin and through an external hatch, making it convenient for loading and unloading equipment, luggage, or supplies.

Engine and Performance

What sets the Robinson V-8 Seabee apart from its predecessors is its powerful V-8 engine. The original Seabee, designed by Percival H. Spencer and produced by the Republic Aviation Corporation in the 1940s, was powered by a Franklin 6A8-215-B9F engine. The Robinson variant, however, is equipped with a modern V-8 engine, typically a Chevrolet LS series engine, which significantly enhances its performance and reliability.

The V-8 engine provides the Seabee with impressive power, resulting in a higher cruising speed and better overall performance compared to the original models. This engine upgrade allows the aircraft to take off in shorter distances and climb more efficiently, which is particularly beneficial for operations in confined areas or challenging environments. Additionally, the V-8 engine’s reliability and availability of parts make maintenance more straightforward and cost-effective.

Operational Versatility

The Robinson V-8 Seabee’s amphibious capabilities make it a versatile aircraft suitable for a wide range of applications. For recreational pilots, it offers the freedom to explore remote waterways and pristine landscapes that are inaccessible by traditional aircraft. For professional operators, the Seabee can serve various roles, including aerial surveying, search and rescue missions, and the transportation of personnel and supplies to hard-to-reach locations.¬†ability to operate on both land and water is complemented by its sturdy construction and dependable performance. The Seabee’s landing gear can be retracted for water operations and deployed for landings on runways or rough terrain, providing true amphibious functionality. This versatility makes the Seabee a valuable asset for both private owners and commercial operators who need an aircraft that can adapt to diverse operational demands.

The New iPad Have Six Key Features

There is only so much that The apple company can do to enhance the iPad before it begins to become something else. The apple company would not challenge modify the overall style of it or eliminate a key item of components (like the camera). Furthermore, it cannot put too much into the product lest the cost to generate become said, that still results in The apple company plenty to work with. As cellular technologies enhance season after season, the iPad reaps the advantages in ways the iPhone cannot.

The new iPad is the first The apple company system to provide 4G LTE connection, for example. It’s not because LTE was not available when the iPhone 4S came out; it’s because the iPad, due to its dimension, does not have to make as many style jeopardises to consist of it. 1.iSight Camera The third-generation iPad has a 5 mega-pixel rear-facing photographic camera that uses the same optics system that came out in the iPhone 4S. The front-facing photographic camera continues to be an useless 0.3 mega-pixel photographic camera capable of VGA quality pictures.

Of course,you can transfer photos from iPhone to computer easy and fast by this get into link. 2.1080p video recording 1080p video recording Full HD video recording has come to the iPad, with video stabilization and noise reduction. No more 720p for you. Use this guide how to import canon camcorder videos to iPad for Mac and take HD video recording. 3.A5X processor This processor operates four periods quicker than NVIDIA’s Tegra 3, according to Schiller. That’s very good information for game playing and processor-intensive applications like iMovie. Still, some Apple-watchers had expected for a quad-core A6 processor processor. This is a dual-core processor processor with a quad-core design handling device. 4.4G LTE 4G LTE will be available in the US from both AT&T and Verizon. Your coverage may vary.

Apple’s software now supports hotspots that can accommodate up to five other devices, provided the user’s cellular plan does too. 5.Voice Dictation Voice Dictation It’s not quite Siri, but it will recognize English, French, German, and Japanese.Pricing remains the same, at $499 for 16GB, $599 for 32GB, $699 for 64GB for WiFi-only models. iPad Wi-Fi + 4G for either AT&T or Verizon will be available $629 for 16GB, $729 for 32GB, and $829 for 64GB. iPad (the new one) was available on March 16 in the United States, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Puerto Rico, Singapore, Switzerland, UK and the US Virgin Islands. It says that the new ipad will be available on Jun 20 in China. 6.Retina Display As predicted, the (new) iPad features a high-definition screen with 2048 x 1536 resolutions. Do the math and you get more than 3.1 million pixels. That’s most ever in a mobile device, said Apple SVP of marketing Phil Schiller.

Apple iPads Your Best Buddy in Metros

Every day, over 1.8 million people use Delhi Metro to reach their destinations. A large number of these commuters are office-goers. No doubt, Metro has truly transformed the ugly face of transport system in Delhi, and was a hit from its very first day. Travelling in metro is so comfortable; after all, there are no irritating conductors and reckless drivers, who were a constant pain during the Blue-line era, and then, Metro trains also have ACs, and switches for mobile-charging needs of commuters. However, travelling in Metro every day, that too without having a friend or colleague to talk to, may turn out as something very boring. Though, laptops are there to help you work, or watch videos on YouTube, but, they are a real mess to deal to, when sitting with people on both your sides. An Apple iPad is arguably the best bet here for you, when looking for an easy-to-use entertainment gadget in your daily movements in metro. And, if you don’t have earphones or headphones with you, you can always buy earphones online in India. Why Apple iPad emerges as the best buddy when travelling in metros?

1. It’s compact, lightweight and durable. Apple products are bought for their simplicity and clarity, and the iPads exceed the expectations. Now, you need not to use that bulky laptop of yours for watching videos on YouTube, or your favourite music or songs, or check your work-files. Just make sure you’ve got earphones with you, when listening to music in a metro-train; if you’ve lost yours, you can buy earphones online in India. Besides earphones and headphones for iPads and iPods, you can buy screen protectors, iPad dock and a whole lot more accessories from online shopping portals.

2. Apple makes iPads in any color you can think about – as long as it is white or black! While the black ones have a sleek, businesslike appearance, many users say the white iPads show fewer fingerprints and smudges. So, choose the color you like. With an iPad in hand, you’re simply going to blow all those guys and girls with laptops and fancy smart phones away. Get prepared to be the center of attraction! Enhance your music experience with a sleek, branded headphone. If you don’t have one, you can order for headphones from an online shopping portal in India.

3. You’ll never have to cry for storage issues with iPads.Business apps and electronic books usually do not consume a great deal of space and fit well in an iPad, with 16 or 32 GB storage space. If you, however, are more into storing a lot of music and video on your iPad, you better opt for a 64 GB version. Just make sure you have earphones or headphones with you, and if you already don’t have them, you can buy earphones online in India. With so many songs and music inside your Apple iPad, you’ll never experience a moment of dullness while you are travelling in Metro.

{Gadgets That Deserve to be a Part of Your Life

Life without gadgets is like a body without a heart. No doubt, you may own the best laptop on the planet, but you cannot afford to miss out on the basic gadgets that truly deserve to be a part of your life. Of course, these gadgets may not be the first ones on your list, but that does not mean you should be ignoring them completely.

At some point or another, these gadgets are sure to offer you the most needed help. Samsung M2 Portable 750GB 2.5-inch External HDD It is just 17.6mm thick and has a scratch-free and an anti-fingerprint surface, and so you won’t have any problems carrying it along while you are travelling. With 750 GB of storage space, you can now dump all your files from your desktop PC into the HDD. Moreover, you can also use it as a backup drive. So, if your computer wears out all of a sudden, you still have all your crucial data backed up.

The drive weighs not more than 155g. Its maximum operating temperature is 40??C. Currently, the Samsung M2 is compatible with all major operating systems. Omron M6 Comfort Blood Pressure Monitor There are times when you are advised by your physician to constantly keep your blood pressure level under check.

However, it may not always be possible to drive to your doctor’s office each time you are in need of a check up. This is when Omron M6 blood pressure monitor can fall handy. It is one of the most accurate and quick blood pressure monitoring devices. The monitor includes a cuff-wrapping indicator that informs you if you have correctly wrapped up the cuffs. Moreover, the dual-check feature rechecks the pressure to ensure that the test carried out was accurate.

Transcend 64GB Ultra Speed JetFlash 600 USB Flash Drive Storage is always a concern if you have a huge amount of data dumped onto your laptop. Of course, you would not want to backup all of your data, but at least a small part of it that you cannot afford to lose at any cost. A Transcend 64GB flash drive is all that you need.

Though 64GB does seem to be too little, it is good enough to store all your crucial data such as your office files and your personal stuff. The drive weighs just 8.5g and therefore carrying it in your wallet is definitely not a problem. It reads at a speed of 32 MB/s, while the writing speed is 18MB/s. However, the speeds may vary depending on the host hardware. All of these gadgets are available at a discounted price online. However, also make sure you use voucher codes for an additional discount.

Watch Digital Aerial TV in London

Before the switchover has taken place residents will have to decide how they want to watch TV. One of the choices is watching digital aerial TV in London with the help of Freeview set top box and aerial. However to do so, your aerial will have to be excellent quality to pick up a digital signal or you may lose channels. Will My Existing Aerial Be Suitable? Your existing TV aerial may be good enough to work with your Freeview set top box and provide you with all the channels Freeview supplies, around 50 radio and TV channels. To give you a good idea of whether your aerial may be adequate you can take a look at the picture you are getting now with the analogue signal.

If your aerial provides you with a good signal now you will probably be able to receive all the channels Freeview offers when the switchover has taken place. However if you find that your picture is distorted or has ghosting then you may need to have a new aerial installed if you plan on watching digital aerial TV in London through Freeview. Do You Suffer From Poor Picture Quality? In some of the worst signal areas in London a wide band aerial may be needed. This type of aerial is recommended in situations where the signal strength happens to be very poor.

The typical reasons for poor picture quality are due to living surrounded by tall buildings or trees or if you live on the edge of where the nearest signal comes from. A wide band aerial is generally the answer to this as it boosts the signal, thereby giving you a clearer picture and better sound. It should also help you to pick up all 50 digital channels offered by Freeview. Freeview Comes With No Monthly Cost Digital aerial TV in London through an aerial and Freeview set to box is a very popular option for watching digital TV as it costs nothing to watch as there is no monthly subscription. There are also many channels to choose from including some in HD if you decide to choose one of the HD set top boxes. We can install you one of the latest in digital set top boxes such as the HD.

This allows you to watch high definition through your HD digital aerial TV in London and your Freeview box. With HD you get a much better quality picture than you would get with standard definition. Residents who also want to record and watch programs at a time to suit them can choose the HD Plus set top box. This provides not only the option to watch HD but also record in it too. Different aerial company might be able to provide residents with a same day installation and some of the latest in equipment, including a new digital TV aerial if needed.

Wholesale Accessories For iPhone Enjoy Huge Savings by Buying in Bulk

Ever since it started launching and even until today, the iPhone and iPad became a big hit in the digital market. People cannot seem to get enough of it that business-minded people have come up with the idea of creating and selling accessories for such gadgets as surely they would sell without any effort. Indeed they were right because as of now, there are several online stores that sell legitimate Accessories for iphone, ipad accessories, and skin for iphone.

Commercialism has imprinted in the minds of people to be not content with what they have and that is why a lot of people have the tendency to keep purchasing things even when they can really live without them. These tendencies are what accessories breathe and live on. Thanks to these tendencies, smalls businesses are able to survive. A lot of the people who are selling customized Accessories for iphone and ipad can be found online.

They advertise their products online knowing that the customers they are targeting are also avidly online. A lot of people look for such accessories whether customized or not through search engines and popular online stores for phone accessories. There are also Accessories for iphone and ipad that are connected to Apple and these accessories usually cost more than the average accessory out in the market. There are also dupes being sold at a naturally lesser price. However, knowing that people who own iphones and ipads have the capacity to purchase expensive accessories, most expensive accessories really have a high survival rate in the market.

For those interested in reselling the accessories from online shops, there are now wholesale promotions which allow a buyer to save more money when buying in bulk. These wholesale promotions are available in most online stores that sell accessories for the iPhone and the iPad. The thing with purchasing online is that a person gets to save more, especially when a person can find coupon codes that will allow further savings in every purchase. In the case of ipad accessories and Accessories for iphone, most of their buyers will most likely be willing to splurge as they most probably have the resources to do so. These gadgets are not for every consumer as they are superiorly expensive than most gadgets out in the market. With this in mind, it will not be wrong to deduce that most people who will be purchasing its accessories would be willing or able to splurge the money.

In America, the number of consumers who purchase the iPad and the iPhone are constantly increasing. This offers more market for sellers of Accessories for iphone and iPad. These customers would most likely want to keep more than one accessory for each of their Apple gadgets and this means the ratio for product to consumer is not at all one is to one as it could be 3 is to one. Having said that, there is no doubt that sellers of skin for iphone and other iphone and ipad accessories have a long feast in the quest for customers as they will always be coming for a long time.

Best Digital Cameras Online

Today no sphere of human life has remained untouched with e-revolution .It has changed the way people shop, online shopping has created a new market place with everything available just at a click apart and all this has become possible with wide spread reach of internet among masses. Gone are those days when internet was accessible only via computers today you can access internet through mobile devices. All these advancements have swinged masses from conventional market place to online shopping. Today you can buy every online from needle to airplane and the number of online shoppers is increasing day by day. Pictures help us to keep all those cherish able memories with us for life long and to capture those unforgettable moments you need digital camera.

Today buying digital cameras is also one click apart there are large number of portals that sell latest camera online that to at best price.
There are large numbers of reasons why one must go for online shopping for buying latest camera; first one is convenience of shopping which one finds in conventional shopping at local stores in fact online shopping is much more advantageous then conventional shopping because products on sales catalog are up to date both in technology and price. Secondly you can purchase accessories like camera lens, batteries, chargers, cables etc for various digital cameras as per your camera brand.

Thirdly online portals cater you with plenty of options online portals allow you compare price of various products such that you buy best product at best price and it also enriches you shopping experience. Online store are always flooded with latest and finest aggravate of digital cameras. You can find different type of cameras produced by different vendors ranging from like point and shoot ones, digital SLR cameras, digital video cameras and many more. These stores also supply separate accessories produced by separate vendors apart from selling digital cameras. Shopping online helps you in saving ample amount of money as these stores offer good discounts on purchase of product so it’s all in all win-win deal. So go online and buy best products at best price.
If you are planning to buy latest digital camera then Latest camera in one stop for all your quires, latest camera is online store that offers wide range of digital cameras at best price.

Macbook Upgrading

As is known to the macbook users, all pre-unibody macbooks have two RAM slots for SO-DIMMs (DDR2-SDRAM, PC2-5300, 667 MHz, 200 pins). Many macbook users may be confused about the possibilities of RAM upgrading on macbooks and macbook pros. This article tries to share some information about macbook RMA upgrading. Apple default configs are paired. To find out which C2D macbook you have you can check the FSB clock or the GPU: If you have a 667 MHz FSB and a GMA 950 you have a Calistoga C2D MB. If you have an 800 MHz FSB and a GMA X3100 you have a Crestline C2D macbook. Do not confuse FSB speed with memory speed! 800 MHz FSB MBs still use 667 MHz RAM. Check your FSB speed in Sys Profiler. Unibody macbooks have two SO-DIMM slots for PC3-8500 DDR3 RAM, 204 pins, 1066 MHz.

White macbooks have two SO-DIMM slots for various types of SO-DIMMs. Although you can install 2x2GB RAM in the Calistoga macbook (Pro) for a total of 4GB, the chipset has an addressing limitation of 3GB. This is not something software, the OS or firmware could change – it is an inherent limitation of this Intel Calistoga chipset. If you install 4GB in an Calistoga macbook (Pro) the system will recognize the total amount of RAM, but you actually won’t be able to use the last GB. Unless 2x2GB is cheaper (or more easily available) than an unmatched 3GB, there is no reason to install more than 3 GB in a Calistoga MB.

A final word on matched DIMM pairs. It is true that memory bandwidth is increased by installing matched memory modules. In actual benchmarks this is something that is most noticed in GPU-dependent tasks (like 3D games) on systems with integrated graphics. The reason for this is that the GPU has to use RAM as video memory (rather than using dedicated VRAM over a dedicated bus) which means memory bandwidth can become a limitation. Therefore, if you are interested in getting the maximum possible frame rate, you would probably want to install memory in matched pairs.

However, this doesn’t mean that less matched memory is better than more unmatched memory. If your system is paging out to disk because not enough memory is available (this is something you can find out by looking at Activity Monitor’s “System Memory” tab) this will cause a huge performance decrease. This effect is orders of magnitude larger than the slight performance reduction due to unmatched memory pairs. Therefore: If you’re paging out with 2 GB of matched memory, DO NOT hesitate to upgrade to an unmatched 3 GB.

Of course going to 4 GB would be even better. Both the unibody MB and MBP are specified by Apple to support up to 4 GB of RAM. The MB and MBP however have already been shown to accept, recognize, and use 6 GB of RAM (one 2 GB and one 4 GB SO-DIMM). It will boot and run with 8 GB (two 4 GB SO-DIMMs) too, but as of right now, it is not stable. It has been rumored that a future firmware update could change this. And finally, it is your choice to upgrade it or not. But it is a pity not to create.

Olympus Vg 170 Outstanding Point And Shoot Camera

The Olympus VG-170 is an outstanding camera and gives you a great digital experience with its outstanding features and technology that comes packed in the point and shoot can find many types of digital camera at the Olympus store in India, which are quite popular among the amateurs as well as the VG-170 is available in red and black color.

The digital camera provides its users with a high resolution pixel for larger prints and comes with a focal range that is equivalent to 26-130mm in the 35mm film terms that is great for flexibility during framing and also gets rides of those ugly images that come with a shake or give a blur is being equipped with light sensitivity settings that come between ISO80-1600 and can be selected built in flash works wonders and provides great quality images even in low light Olympus VG-170 reviews are of the opinion that this camera is great for all types of users. The other specifications are the interface, which includes the USB cable, which is a great screen is 3 inches LCD and comes with a resolution of 14.0 mega design is fantastic and is made of durable buttons and keys are rightly placed and can be well is a compact camera with 103.7×62.5×22.2mm and the weight is 147 to its compact nature it becomes convenient to carry it on longer journeys.

The features that enhance your photography are the image stabilizer that helps in giving a perfect photograph even while you are moving in a self timer that is up to 2/12s, red eye reduction helps in eliminating the red eye in the picture and enhances the image with a clear and crisp auto flash is also a good feature in the Olympus sensor type lens is CCD and comes with a optical zoom range of 10x optical aperture is 2.8 to 6.5 and the shutter speed is ?? – 1/2000 s.the digital zoom provided in the camera is 4x digital zoom. Multi metering, center weighted metering and spot metering are some of the features that help in providing users with outstanding inbuilt memory is 34.9 and can be extended via the SD Olympus VG-170 price in India is Rs. 8,720 approximately.

Nikon Coolpix S6200 Camera For Every Situation

Not all camera work for all situations, some are best for close-ups, some have incredible zoom lens and some have great clarity and color schemes. But the Nikon Coolpix has everything that will make photography a different experience that will definitely satisfy is an incredible point and shoot digital camera which is smart, intelligent and is light weight as is also very easy to use and provides clarity and color like no other in this you want to be ready for any situation, you should buy a Nikon that come in various styles and ranges and have excellent colors to choose from. The S6200 is a good companion while features in it are advanced and have been integrated with cutting edge technology to get that clarity and sharpness that you will find only in expensive cameras.

The 10 x optical zoom offers 3.2 – 5.8 F value with a 4x digital feature provides excellent zoom with clarity and can now capture any distant object of birds, ships in the ocean or a far away monument in this digital provided NIKKOR ED glass is a great addition in the focusing, it has been in-built with the 50cm focus in normal and 10cm in macro mode and contrast detect TITL AF. The focus is great and you will never ever find yourself without a right focus. It comes built with the ??.3 inch ccd image sensor. 16.0 million Camera effective pixels and also the blur free image due to the image stabilizer.

Nikon Coolpix S6200 Review has appreciated the speed and the user friendly features integrated in the digital white balance has maintained its ability to provide auto mode, manual more, incandescent mode, cloudy, fluorescent, and flash.There are several modes that will help you out with every situation that you are it night or day, the beach or the snow peaked mountains, you are not going to be worried about anything.

The built is superb with light weight body and compact screen is 2.7 inch with 230K dot and is a TFT LCD monitor with anti-reflection LCD screen is great to view prior to clicking and you will get to know how exactly you are going to get it monitor displays with clarity and comes with ISO 80-3200 & f=25 to 250 mm /f/ has a resolution pixel of 10 and the lens is NIKKOR ED glass battery gives around 250shots which is good enough for a can recharge it again.Nikon Coolpix S6200 price is Rs. 9,652 approximately.}