The Innovative Features of the BlackBerry Torch

BlackBerry phones have a huge base of clients that just love the texting and email service provided by their cell phones. The QWERTY keypad has always been a boon for the customers. Add to this a sliding feature and a touch screen and you will get the BlackBerry Torch. This phone has a number of user-friendly features that are difficult to miss. Let’s look at the innovative features of the BlackBerry Torch. The Torch comes with a high-resolution touch screen and a QWERTY keyboard with 35 keys. People who are always on the move and need to text and email all the time are the biggest beneficiary of these features. While the QWERTY keypad helps in quick typing, the touchscreen enhances the navigation. It runs on the BlackBerry 7 operating system and is good with multitasking.

The camera on the Torch is something to look out for. With close to 5-megapixel resolution you definitely get better quality clicks. The camera is not fixed, as in you can utilize the auto focus, face detection and the flash features that the cell phone has. The camera also has a geo-tagging feature and image stabilization options. When it comes to Web browsing, the operating system comes in handy. The pages load fast, and with a bigger screen, you get a better Web browsing experience.

You can visit your favorite websites and scroll, zoom and pan into them as needed. It has a faster processor that allows for multiple functions at the same time. The design of the phone is also something to notice. It supports both portrait and landscape orientation. In terms of connectivity it supports Wi-Fi, EDGE, Bluetooth and 3G network connections. It comes preinstalled with all the necessary apps like Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo Messenger and GTalk. One major advantage of the Torch over other BlackBerry phones is its internal memory that runs in gigabytes. This ensures that you can store any number of songs, videos and pictures in addition to downloading a number of relevant apps.

You will be able to utilize its GPS and location-based services too. The BlackBerry Torch price saw a downward trend and the model was sold at half price by a number of network providers. So if you are interested in the features of this phone, it definitely is an easy buy. The BlackBerry Torch price cut is one such deal to look out for.

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